Never Escaped My Attention

Of Light, Life and Turns

When we live lives like sunflowers, facing whichever direction the sun is… we too shall grow tall and exude brightness and beauty in the grounds where we take roots.
The Rainmaker, Sun, Creator of earth’s elements will be the He who completes the growth, from sprout to wither. The task and purposes are perfected in the planning, planting, harvesting and replanting through the various seasons of human existence.

Of Thistles Protective of Beauty

The variety of blooms are never to be tagged as common.

Its colors —- light and dark, represents seething emotions.

Its burst of buds and blossoms, so voluptuous to undermine.

Its petals so soft and silky,

A temptation for a gentle caress or thoughtless plucking for any living form.

It shape and curves so full of art and symmetry,

A hidden desire to be such from every lady.

Handled with care in bouquets and baskets,

Pinned nearest the heart in the vest of many a gentleman.

Stems are candid, straight and tall,

Proud to carry the weight of it all,

Yet thorny as it may seem—

Over protective of every bud that burst into bloom.

That symbolizes friendship, purity and love

Otherwise dishonor, violation and hate.

Its very core, the site of pollenation,

Lovemaking of heavenly design.

Grounded to take roots

Planted to conquer geography

To tell lessons such as

'Good ariseth from ugly points'

'Its not all beauty but pains'

'All grows with help, from sunshine, dewdrops and rain.'

What art so exuberant, creation unsurpassed

Reason unfathomed.

Love unexplained.

Beauty protected by thistles.

So much like life

Behold the beauty and joys

But not without the pricks and pains

Part and parcel, they come

He made it all so beautiful in His time.

By Lines to Live By


1. Not everything is overcome by force, a lot are by gentleness and democracy.
2. A good name is rather to be chosen than fame, gold, a cup of coffee or a one night stand.
3. If you need blessings, ask it only from above.
4. Do your work well, that it be said of you, nobody ever lived to do better than you did.
5. Life is what you make it. Make it good!

Lessons to THINK TRUE from the Parrot Perched on my Shoulder:

1. Brings joy to others without being conscious about it.
2. Carries its head up high no matter what cares there are in the world.
3. It trusts the hand that feeds it.
4. Humble despite its handsome colors.
5. Looks around on God’s creation and says thanks by staying alive everyday.
6. Becomes taller only when it stands on somebody else’s shoulder.


When the Summer is Gone

Falling LeafSUMMER has left the supposed green surroundings brown, dry, hot and thirsty,

BUT some stubborn flowers just burst into bloom, so pretty.

SUMMER has cause a many leaf fall,

BUT some creeping green tiny leaves takes its place in some trees big and small.

SUMMER caused a lot of people to complain and release steam from the core,

BUT others take it as a time to cool down, relax and take a tour.

Others may think summer’s been long

So it has to end, if not, things would be handled by the use of tongs

Yet a number hopes it would stretch a little more

Since the summer brought in memories and opportunities as from an open door.

New friendships and renewed ties have blossomed

Rare lessons in life and skills have been learned

Weaknesses were strengthened, dullness polished

Roughness smoothened, immaturity metamorphed

Serendipity found, scarcity supplied, broken dreams mended.

summer gone

Oh, when the summer is gone

It can never be rolled back as time

When the summer is gone

Only the sketches of an imagined and cherished past will remain.

Another chapter closes and another discloses

Another season, rainy and wet

Yet, there will always be that time to go back to

When travelin’ through mem’ry’s lane.

It always leaves me a wonder

When in a capsule of one specific summer

There is One noted to be in control

Making things beautiful and sober.

A summer to remember,

A summer so blessed,

A summer to live by…

When this summer is gone.

Life Shortens

I have always wondered that at the end of every term in the university, I find a lot of pencils in my drawer: mechanical, regular Mongol in all numbers, different colors, sizes, shapes and names.

They too come in various performances. Some I used till they less an inch tall, others are at randomly picked whenever and whoever needs one but still there are some that are never used at all. My 3 daughters have their own addition to pencils. They are bought in boxes and dozens at the start of school but not even half way through I coundn’t find a trace of a new - the box empty. Where have all the pencils gone? In exchange I see old, broken, bitten, overused, abused, ugly, no erasers kind of pencils in their pencil boxes. It would mean another dozen to buy because of reasons like, “Mommy, I gave my friend one for remembrance.” or “I pity one without I shared an extra.” or “I exchanged it with a friend…” or “Mom, I lost it, sorry.” or “can I have a new one.” or “Mom, i threw it away.” or “I saw it in the garbage that was last disposed.” The reasons seem now familiar to me as grew older. I just wondered how many of our lives are likened to a pencil in many ways, loved, exchanged, lost, fought for, given, new, old, bitten, thrown, stolen, stepped on and broken, priced, used to the last inch and still kept, just for display…. Here’s to 5 pencil lessons I love to tell:

PENCILESSON # 1. The best part of a PENCIL is it’s insides: the lead. With it comes it’s identity and use. Without it a pencil is worthless. How about us? What makes up our insides? Our motives, heart and thoughts, our character, they spell our worth and the best in us.

PENCILESSONS # 2 For a PENCIL to be used it has to undergo some sharpenings. I love to think that some difficulties and pains in life are worth experiencing because it has to be, to get the best of us in the open for use. It may not be a welcome but it is a natural part of the purpose of our making. The good thing is after the sharpening, we become useful.

PENCILESSONS # 3 A PENCIL leaves a mark whenever it is used.
What mark have we made in the past? Was it good? Just useless scribbles? Were they worth looking back and reflecting? Were they fine or rough? Were the markings meaningful and afforded learning to the unlearned?

PENCILESSONS # 4 The good thing about a PENCIL is it can be erased and has an eraser. It leaves no permanent mark. It can be corrected, changed, made better, cleaned and rewritten for good reasons. For the elementary students who are yet young in learning, they erase more to make right and later do real well after the mistakes have been corrected. Take heart, like a pencil our lives can be rewritten to perfection.

PENCILESSONS # 5 Whatever a PENCIL be, it depends on the hand that holds it. Who holds you so it determines you end output?

Life is short. Beginnings have purposes and endings tell of them. The process is what makes us till we are but on inch short before our Maker and Holder. Life spells the importance of our inner being. The trials are but sharpenings every now and then improving our looks and performance for every endeavor we need to do. Lest, we forget that we leave a mark everyday and we have to make good ones to last and the negative ones to stand corrected with or without a trace. However, it was worth the erasure to get it corrected for evaluation and scoring when the markings get to the Teacher’s desk. And lastly, it is very important Who holds us to serve our life’s purpose/s. Then can we sigh and say, oftentimes “the end justifies the means”.

Oh my pencils, I cherish them one and all. For I pick not to chose but I pick to use.

PENCILESSONS #6 The shorter a PENCIL goes the more stories it has to tell as long as they stay in the hands of the Holder.

Oh life shortens but it is worth living. Though how short til it has no use. It’s presence will be a reminder of it’s beginnings, how it was well spent and it’s end should be etched in the memory of ones they have come across.

The Chase for Happiness

In life I learned to seek my simple joys because in complicated things I find stressful moments that make life less and sometimes never worth fighting or even living. 

My simple joys:

  • waking up and praying with my hubby with clasped hands
  • hugging from the kids when i get home from work as if i were missed for a long time
  • light moments at the table with family
  • morning and evening worships
  • every opportunity of prayer
  • a moment of catching sunrise at the terrace of our home
  • thankful for the breath of life
  • wishful I would witness another leaf fall, reminds me how life is short
  • seeing some flowers bloom their best in the heat of summer
  • chancing my way to the kitchen to cook even if my taste buds are bad
  • fixing the bed sheets with my hubby on opposite ends
  • singing a song and smiling to find myself out of tune or losing the voice
  • heartfelt laughing on a clean joke

Oh, throughout life, I discovered, He has granted so much joys within and without.

Might fill up this fb yet I will yet have to think back and see more. So why spend a lifetime running after elusive things when after you thought you found them, you’re starting to be on the ran for “the birds without wings” as my poet friend aptly describes it with eloquence.

Stop and consider, life is good when we seek our simple pleasures. Serenity. Satisfaction. Serendipity. Sagacity.

Pips, come to think of it, when was the last time you really thanks God for the millionths of simple joys you missed because you were in search for elusive happiness.

A story says of a girl who one day was found chasing butterflies in the garden. Exhausted and frustrated, she sat in the middle of the flowers and thrust angrily, not minding the blooms that are crushed due to her tantrum. The father nearby, sat by her side and said, “keep still my child, hush, and see how you can be still and experience greater things in life coming your way.” Through her tears as her heart’s throbbing slowed to normal… a beautiful butterfly alighted on her shoulders.

I learned to seek and long for the joy of the Lord. It must be beyond my wildest and most profound imagination.

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